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Regular Maintenance: Learn Pressure Gauge Calibration


Latest company news about Regular Maintenance: Learn Pressure Gauge Calibration

Today's pressure gauges are known for their durability and accuracy, but they can lose accuracy over time. To ensure reliable readings, regular calibration of pressure gauges is essential.


Pressure gauge accuracy classes vary depending on the application, ranging from Grade B (±3/2/3% of span) to the ±0.05% accuracy of digital pressure gauges. Pressure measuring instruments require a pressure gauge calibrator to maintain their accuracy specifications. Simple recalibrations can be performed onsite using a precision digital gauge as a reference standard. Mechanical and digital gauges can be calibrated and certified by an accredited laboratory.


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When to Calibrate a Pressure Gauge

Knowing when to calibrate a pressure gauge is important, as calibrations have a shelf life. Even when not in use, pressure gauges do not remain calibrated indefinitely, and mechanical wear can cause gauges to drift over time.


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Most pressure gauges are calibrated before leaving the manufacturing facility and typically do not require recalibration before installation if stored properly. However, for optimal performance, gauges should be calibrated at regular intervals, depending on the application and industry. Here are some recommendations and best practices:

  • Before installation, especially if the instrument has been in storage for a while or stored improperly (e.g., in high heat).
  • Once a year for most gauges after installation, such as during annual ISO audits
  • Every three to six months for gauges used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device applications to ensure quality control and avoid costly errors.
  • During planned shutdowns for preventative maintenance.
  • Every five years for pressure balances, which are common pressure reference instruments

Many process plants replace pressure gauges and other instruments based on their calibration cycles or during quarterly or semi-annual shutdowns. Spare gauges are verified onsite before installation, while removed gauges are sent to a calibration lab for readiness in the next cycle. Establishing a regular calibration cycle minimizes the risk of inaccurate pressure readings and improves process monitoring and oversight.


How to Calibrate Industrial Pressure Gauges

For those who prefer to handle their own calibration, YUNYI offers a comprehensive range of reference instruments and calibration equipment suitable for in-house labs and field use. This includes digital pressure gauges, pressure gauge calibrators, test pumps, portable pressure generators, and handheld pressure calibrators. YUNYI's calibration software simplifies and automates the calibration process for up to 16 test items.

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