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YUNYI Air Pressure Gauge for Industrial Gas: A Case Study


Latest company news about YUNYI Air Pressure Gauge for Industrial Gas: A Case Study

An industrial gas company operating internationally had specific needs for an Air Pressure Gauge to monitor and control pressure in their diverse operations. They required a solution that could withstand corrosive environments, deliver precise and reliable readings, and offer versatility in measurement capabilities.


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YUNYI introduced their Air Pressure Gauge, specifically the YK-80 Intelligent digital pressure gauge, which proved to be an exceptional fit for the customer's requirements. The gauge offered a comprehensive range of features and benefits that effectively addressed the challenges faced by the industrial gas industry.


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·Key Features:


  • High-Quality Pressure Sensor Core: The Air Pressure Gauge utilized a high-quality pressure sensor core renowned for its exceptional accuracy, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, vibration resistance, low temperature drift, and overall stability. This ensured reliable and precise pressure readings in various demanding conditions encountered in industrial gas operations.


  • Multiple Forms and Measurement Capabilities: YUNYI's Air Pressure Gauge was available in different forms, including ordinary types, explosion-proof types, and diaphragm types. This versatility allowed the gauge to meet various measurement needs, enabling accurate detection of gauge pressure, absolute pressure, and differential pressure.


  • Advanced Microprocessor Technology: The gauge was controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, leveraging advanced microprocessor technology and utilizing imported measurement and control chip processing. This resulted in consistently stable performance, low power consumption, and extended battery life, ensuring reliable and long-lasting operation in the field.


  • Large Screen and Intuitive Display: The Air Pressure Gauge featured a large LCD display that provided clear and intuitive readings, facilitating easy monitoring of pressure levels in real-time.


  • Corrosion and Moisture Resistance: Designed to withstand harsh environments, the gauge exhibited excellent resistance to corrosion and moisture, making it suitable for installation in challenging industrial gas settings.


  • Easy Installation and Versatility: The gauge offered straightforward installation procedures and the ability to measure negative pressure, positive and negative pressure, and positive pressure, enabling its use in diverse applications within the industrial gas industry.


The YUNYI Air Pressure Gauge found extensive application in the industrial gas industry, including but not limited to the following scenarios:


Hydraulic Test: Ensuring accurate pressure measurements during hydraulic testing processes.

Chemical Online Monitoring: Monitoring and controlling pressure levels in chemical processes to maintain operational efficiency and safety.

Raw Material Monitoring in Pharmaceutical Factory: Verifying water pressure levels during the production of pharmaceutical materials to guarantee quality and compliance.

Pressure Measurement of Tanks in Printing Plants: Monitoring pressure within tanks to optimize printing operations and prevent potential issues.

Sewage Pipeline Monitoring: Tracking pressure variations in sewage pipelines to ensure proper flow and prevent blockages or leaks.


After ordering and rigorously testing samples, the customer confirmed that the YUNYI Air Pressure Gauge fully met their specific requirements. They were impressed with the gauge's exceptional accuracy, reliability, and durability in corrosive and vibrating environments. Consequently, the customer proceeded to place a larger order, expressing high satisfaction with the product's performance and its positive impact on their industrial gas operations.


YUNYI's Air Pressure Gauge served as a reliable and effective solution for the industrial gas industry, offering advanced features, precise measurements, and robust construction. The gauge's high-quality pressure sensor core, advanced microprocessor technology, versatility in measurement capabilities, and resistance to corrosion and moisture make it an ideal choice for monitoring and controlling pressure in demanding industrial gas applications. This successful case study highlights YUNYI's commitment to providing innovative and tailored solutions that meet industry-specific needs, ensuring customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced safety in industrial gas operations.


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