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YUNYI Digital Turbine Flow Meter: Empowering Renewable Energy Industries


Latest company news about YUNYI Digital Turbine Flow Meter: Empowering Renewable Energy Industries

As the renewable energy sector continues to grow, accurate and reliable measurement of fluid flow becomes a critical factor in optimizing processes and ensuring efficient operations. Addressing the specific needs of renewable energy industries, the YUNYI Digital Turbine Liquid Flow Meter emerges as a game-changing solution. By providing exceptional performance, safety features, and versatility, this flow meter has garnered the trust and satisfaction of a foreign customer in the renewable energy sector.


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In the fast-paced world of renewable energy industries, meeting specific requirements is paramount. This foreign customer, part of the renewable energy sector, sought a Digital Turbine Flow Meter that could fulfill their unique needs. After ordering samples of the YUNYI Digital Turbine Liquid Flow Meter and conducting rigorous testing, the customer found that these flow meters precisely matched their expectations. Delighted with the results, they ultimately placed an order for 200 units, demonstrating their high level of satisfaction.


YUNYI Digital Turbine Liquid Flow Meter: Meeting Industry Needs:



The YUNYI Digital Turbine Liquid Flow Meter is specifically designed to measure the volumetric flow and total volume of low-viscosity gases in closed pipelines. Its exceptional use value extends across a wide range of industries, including petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, urban gas pipeline networks, and more. Let's explore the standout features that make this flow meter a preferred choice in the renewable energy industry:


Specially Designed for Gas Metering: The YUNYI flow meter offers high sensitivity and remarkable safety in gas metering applications. Its design focuses on precise measurements, ensuring accurate and reliable data in various operating conditions.


Enhanced Safety Measures: To ensure the safety of both the instrument and the surrounding environment, the YUNYI flow meter features an isolated measuring room. This isolation minimizes the risk of gas leakage, ensuring the integrity and safety of the entire measurement process.


Intelligent Instrument Coefficient Correction: The flow meter employs multi-point nonlinear correction of instrument coefficients. This intelligent feature guarantees highly accurate measurements, enhancing reliability and precision in flow data and contributing to improved process control.


Built-in Pressure and Temperature Sensors: With integrated pressure and temperature sensors, the YUNYI flow meter offers exceptional safety and performance. Real-time data from these sensors allows for accurate compensation, ensuring precise flow measurements even in varying operating conditions.


Explosion-Proof and Protected: The YUNYI flow meter is designed to meet stringent safety standards. It features explosion-proof capabilities with ExdBT6 and ExiaCT6 certifications and boasts an IP65 protection level, safeguarding the instrument against dust and water ingress. This ensures its suitability for demanding and potentially hazardous environments.


Low Power Consumption: The YUNYI flow meter operates with low power consumption, significantly reducing energy requirements. It can be powered by a single 3.2V10AH lithium battery, which can provide continuous operation for over three years. This exceptional energy efficiency minimizes the need for frequent battery replacements, reducing operational costs.


Data Integrity and Longevity: The YUNYI flow meter ensures the integrity and longevity of accumulated flow data. Even in the event of a power failure, the instrument coefficient and accumulated flow values remain intact for up to ten years. This crucial feature ensures data consistency and reliability in long-term operations.


Applications in Renewable Energy Industries:


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The versatile applications of the YUNYI Digital Turbine Flow Meter make it an ideal choice for the renewable energy industry. Its applications include:


  • Volume flow measurement of conductive acids and alkalis.
  • Monitoring salt solution flow.
  • Managing slurry, pulp, and paper pulp flows.
  • Reliable measurement and control of wastewater flows.



The YUNYI Digital Turbine Liquid Flow Meter serves as a powerful tool for measuring fluid flow in the renewable energy industry. By meeting the specific needs of gas metering applications, this flow meter provides high sensitivity, exceptional safety features, and versatility. The customer's satisfaction and subsequent order of 200 units further demonstrate the effectiveness of the YUNYI flow meter in fulfilling the demands of renewable energy industries. By choosing the YUNYI Digital Turbine Flow Meter, companies in the renewable energy sector can enhance efficiency, ensure safety, and optimize their operations for sustainable success.


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