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Embedded Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter 15m LCD display

Model: YD322F

Accuracy: 5%

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TEA700 Hydraulic Oil Micro Negative Pressure Gauge for Chicken House

Name: Clean Room TEA700 Red Oil Micro-Pressure Gauge Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Chicken House Negative Pressure Gauge For Breedi

Material: ABS Shell

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100Mpa Diaphragm Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel Flange Type

Accuracy: 1.6,1.0,2.5

Pressure Range: -0.1~0~100Mpa

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1.5% FS 304SS Differential Pressure Gauge Double Needle Memory

Name: Stainless Steel Double Needle Memory Differential Pressure Gauge

Material: Ss

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60pa Aluminium Micro Differential Air Pressure Gauge

Model Numbe: YD-2000

Pressure Range: 0-60pa

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Bourdon Tube Differential Pressure Gauge SS316 Case 100mm

Model Number: CYW-152B/153B

Accuracy: 1.6,2.5

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60KPa Digital Non Invasive Sphygmomanometer Calibrator

Model Number:: XY-3040

Power Supply: 3.6V Lithium Battery

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60Mpa Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Calibration Instrument Dynamic Display

Name: Device To Calibrate A Blood Pressure Monitor Calibration Instrument

Accuracy: Based On Gauge

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Portable Pneumatic Hydraulic Hand Pressure Pump Calibrator High Precision

Item: Mechanical Portable Precision High Pressure Hydraulic Hand Pressure Pump Calibrator

Pressure: 0-40MPa, 0-60Mpa

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6MPa Laboratory Benchtop Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator

Item: Laboratory Bench-top Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator Pressure Comparator

Pressure: -0.1~6MPa

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OEM Vacuum Micron Meter Digital Pressure Gauge 1000Pa

Name: 0.1Pa~1000Pa Vacuum Micron Meter Digital Micron Gauge

Unit:: Pa, MBar. MmHg. Torr, MTorr. Microns

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0.1 Micron Industrial Vacuum Digital Micron Gauge

Name: Industrial Vacuum Micron Meter Digital Micron Gauge Manometer

Temperature: -40C-45C

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CE Digital Vacuum Pressure Gauge 250Mpa 100mm Meter

Name: 100mm Digital Vacuum Digital Manometer Pressure Gauge Meter

Material:: Stainless Steel Case

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3.6V Rs485 Digital Intelligent Pressure Gauge With LCD Display

Name: Rs485 Digital Intelligent Pressure Gauge Pressure Meter LCD Display

Connection:: M20*1.5 Or Customer

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400KPa Differential Digital Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel 150mm

Accuracy: 1%

Material: Stainless Steel Case

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10Mpa 63mm Liquid Oil Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel Pointer

Model Number: SSP40/50/60/100

Range: -0.1-10Mpa

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