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SS304 Water Oil Gas Digital Pressure Gauge 80mm 600 Bar

Item: 60mm 80mm 100mm 0 To 600 Bar Water Oil Gas Digital Pressure Gauge

Diameter: 100mm, 80mm, 60mm

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4.5V YK60 Wireless Digital Negative Pressure Gauge Dial Diameter 60mm

Model: YK60

Pressure Range: -1~0~600bar

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100Mpa Diaphragm Seal Digital Differential Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel

Accuracy: 1.6,1.0,2.5

Pressure Range: -0.1~0~100Mpa

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Waterproof Capacitive Inductive Proximity Sensor Capacitance Level Sensor 12vdc

Name: 12vdc Waterproof Capacitive Inductive Proximity Sensor Capacitance Level Sensor

Dia Meter: 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 18mm, 20mm Etc

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Piezoresistive Automotive Car Oil Pressure Sensor 30MPa 1/4NPT

Name: China Mini Automotive Car Oil Air Pressure Sensor Transducer

Theory:: Piezoresistive Sensor

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MF5600 1Mpa Air Gas Digital Flow Meter For Hospital Oxygen System

Name: MF5600 Digital Mass Air Gas Oxygen Flow Meter Sensor For Hospital Oxygen System

Accuracy: ± (1.5+0.2FS)%

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12mm Nitrogen Air Gas Digital Flow Meter 1/2npt Thread 200L/Min

Name: Nitrogen Air Gas Digital Mass Water Flow Meter Sensor

Flow Range: 0-10, 0-25, 0-200L/m

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Intelligent Digital Water Liquid Magnetic Flowmeter DN6 4.0MPa

Name: Liquid Magnetic Flowmeter Water Digital Magnetic Flow Meter

Nominal Diameter: DN6-DN2000

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SS 1.5 Inch NPT 60psi Air Pressure Gauge M20*15 Thread

Name: 60psi Steel Case Air Pressure Gauge

Accuracy: 1.6%, 2.5%

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1/2NPT Double Side PP Differential Pressure Gauge Anti Corrosion

Dial Diameter: 60MM

Pressure Range: 0 ~ 1KG, 2KG, 3KG, 4KG, 5KG, 7KG, 10KG, 15KG

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ABS Non Invasive OLED Display Ultrasonic Level Meter 24VDC

Full Scale: 5m ,8m,10m

Unusable Area: ≤0.4~0.5m

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Water Tank Submersible Level Sensor 316SS Oil Level Transmitter 36vdc

Item: Water Tank 4-20mA Submersible Level Sensor Oil Level Transmitter

Probe Material: 316SS

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RS485 Sanitary Electromagnetic Water Flowmeter 15m/S 1.6mpa

Name: RS485 Sanitary Electromagnetic Water Milk Flow Meter Flowmeter

Pressure: 1.6mpa, 2.5mpa, 4mpa

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TUF-2000H Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter DN6000 Non Contact

Range: DN6000

Madium: Liquid, WATER

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60MPA Portable Manual Hydraulic Pressure Calibrator 10kPa

Item: Portable Type Manual Presusure Calibrator Hydraulic Pressure Calibrator

Max Pressure: 60MPA

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Magnehelic Pressure Gauge Calibrator 120mm Micro Pressure Transmitters

Name: Micro PressureTransmitters Magnehelic Pressure Gauge Calibration Alibrator

Fine Adjustment: 0.01Pa

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