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Refrigeration Tool Set Digital Vacuum Meter Gauge 0.1 Micron

Unit:: Pa, MBar. MmHg. Torr, MTorr.

Temperature: -40C-45C

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Micron Measure Digital Vacuum Meter Gauge Auto Calibration

Unit:: Pa, MBar. MmHg. Torr, MTorr. Microns

Pressure Range:: 0-15000 Microns (0-2000pa)

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100Pa Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge Meter Auto Calibration

Pressure Range: 0-15000 Microns (0-2000pa)

Name: Micron Measure Digital Vacuum Meter Gaugeair Hand Pump Pressure Calibrator

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M20*1.5 Thread Pressure Gauge Calibrator Pneumatic Pressure Gauge Comparator

Name: Pneumatic Pressure Gauge Comparator Hand Pump Meter Calibration

Model: Y060

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1.6MPa Lab Air Pressure Calibrator Hand Pump Pressure Calibrator

Name: Air Hand Pressure Calibratorlab Equipment Meter Calibration Hand Pump Pressure Calibrator

Pressure Type: Pneumatic/hydraulic

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Structural Lab Air Hand Pressure Gauge Calibrator 60MPa

Pressure Range: -0.1 ~ 0 ~ 60MPa

Name: Lab Equipment Meter Calibration Air Hand Pump Pressure Calibrator

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1/8" NPT Micro Differential Pressure Instrument Filter Resistance

Name: Micro Differential Magrfhelic Pressure Gauge With Air

Working Temp: 20- 140 F(-6.67 To 60C)

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4 Dial Differential Micro Pressure Gauge Manometer Anti Vibration

Name: Mini Micro Differential Pressure Gauge Manometer

Weight: 0.25

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LCD Display Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter RS232 DC12V

Display Resolution: Based On Input Signal

Display: LCD

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OEM 5v Oil Pressure Sensor Transmitter 30vdc DC500V Isolation

Name: OEM Mini 0-5v Oil Mini Pressure Sensor Transmitter

Pressure Range:: 0-60mpa

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SS316L Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator DN2 Air Gas Needle Valve

Name: 316L SS Mini High Pressure Air Gas Needle Valve

Medium: Liquid,gas

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32m/S Digital Oxygen Gas Flow Meter For Hospital System

Type:: Variable Area Air & Gas Flowmeters

Accuracy:: ± (1.5+0.2FS)%

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High Strength Lab Dead Weight Tester Pressure Piston Manometer 25MPa

Pressure Range: 0-250mparange

Accuracy: 0.05%, 0.02 %

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Medical Fusion Oxygen CPAP Sensor Gas Flow Sensors 4.5Vdc

Flow Range: - 250 ~ +250SLPM

Name: Medical CPAP Sensor Fusion Oxygen Gas Flow Sensors Mass Air Flow Meter

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SS Welding 3 Way Thread Ball Valve 8500psi Leak Tight Performance

Product Name: 3way Ball Valve Stainless Steel SS Welding 3 Way Brass Ball Valve

Material: Stainless Steel

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Gas Back SS316L Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator 3000psi

Name: High Quality Gas Back Pressure Valve Regulator For Industrial Field

Material: Stainless Steel

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