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Industrial Liquid W600 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

Name: China Industrial Liquid Block Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

Accuracy: 0.2%

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W150 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator , CE Temperature Block Calibrator

Temperature: -30~150, 50~600, 300~1200 ℃

Power: 210~230V

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Liquid Tank Diffused Silicon Submersible Level Sensor

Item: Liquid Tank 4-20mA 24V Diffused Silicon Submersible Level Sensor Transducer

Probe Material: Stainless Steel

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Fuel Tank Submersible Pressure Transmitter For Level Measurement

Name: Liquid Water Fuel Tank Non Contact Submersible Level Sensor

Probe Material: Stainless Steel

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High Precision Oil Water Tank Submersible Level Sensor

Name: Diesel Fuel Tank Level Gauge Tank Water Level Indicator Submersible Level Sensor

Process Connection: M20*1.5, 1/2npt, 1/4npt

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316L SS Submersible Level Sensor , Anti Coorosion Submersible Temperature Probe

Accuracy: 0.25%FS

Output: 0~10VDC (three Wire)

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600M LCD TFT Screen Depth Finder Submersible Level Sensor LCD TFT Screen

Product Name: 0-600M LCD TFT Screen Submersible Level Sensor Ultrasonic Diesel Fuel Tank Liquid Level Sensor Depth Finder

Accuracy: ± 0.3%F.S

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IP68 Stainless Steel Submersible Liquid Level Sensor

Shell: Stainless Steel

Cable: PU, PTFE

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IP68 Prevent Blocking Submersible Level Sensor Stainless Steel

Range: <200meter H2O

Temperature: -20 To 80℃

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Liquid 27mm Diameter 0.2%FS Submersible Level Sensor

Shell: Diameter In 27mm

Cable: PU, PTFE, PE

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Industrial 19mm Diameter Input Submersible Water Level Transmitter

Diameter: In 19 Mm

Cable: PE, PU, PTFE

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Intelligent 4-20ma Digital Differential Pressure Transducer

Name: Intelligent Hydraumatic Pneumatic Air 4-20ma Differential Pressure Transmitter

Sensor Material: Stainless Steel 316

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Liquid Air Capacitive Differential Pressure Transmitter

Item: Air Liquid Capacitive Differential Pressure Transmitter Sensor

Model: YDK322-II

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Compact Static Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter

Name: Digital Smart Static Liquid Water Differential Pressure Transmitter Price

Sensor Material: Stainless Steel 316

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5MPa IP65 Gas Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter 316L Stainless Steel

Product Name: Industrial 4-20ma Differential Pressure Transmitter

Measuring Range: 0~5MPa

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Non Corrosive Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter

Item: Non-conductive, Non-corrosive Or Weakly Corrosive Gas

Model: YD-322INC

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