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20Mpa 4-20mA 4 Wire Piezoelectric Tuning Fork Density Meter Stainless Steel material

20Mpa 4-20mA 4 Wire Piezoelectric Tuning Fork Density Meter Stainless Steel material

4-20mA Tuning Fork Density Meter

SS Tuning Fork Density Meter

Piezoelectric Fork Type Level Sensor

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Product Details
Measurement Range:
0-2g/cm3 (0 -2000 Kg/m3)
Measurement Accuracy:
± 0.001 G /cc (± 1 Kg/m3)
Operating Temperature:
-50℃ ~ +200℃
Maximum Working Pressure:
Power Supply:
20-28 VDC,35-45 MA
Signal Output:
4 -20 MA
Fork Sensors:
One Pair Fork Ceramic Chip
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Standard export carton packing.
Delivery Time
5-10working days
Payment Terms
D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
500 Uint per week
Product Description

Description of Tuning Fork Density Meter 4-20mA 4 Wire Piezoelectric Tuning Fork Density Meter


Tuning fork density meter principle description:
Fork sensors ---------- one pair fork ceramic chip
A piezoelectric ceramic is responsible for collecting vibration
The fork is always vibrate in the resonant frequency of vibration
Fork in different densities ,the resonance frequencies was different,.according to the relationship between the different vibration and density to calculate the density
The resonance frequency of the tuning fork is between 1600-2400
The higher the frequency the smaller density.


Specification of 4-20mA 4 Wire Piezoelectric Tuning Fork Density Meter






Density range

0-3 g / CM3 (3 /2.5/ 2 /1.5/ 1)



4-20 mA 4-wire ( 2-wire system can not be used)



0.001 g / cc, with a resolution of 0.0001 g / cc





flange distance to the end of the fork, minimum 125 mm, up to 2 meters
Display Up density value, the density value can be switched to kg / cubic meter or g / cc by unit keys. Down display a temperature value (measured medium temperature ) temperature is original PT1000



temperature of 4-20 mA output signal


The internal circuit board with automatic filtering function, other vibrations like pipe vibrations can eliminate away from the side of circuit and software,which ensure accuracy.


Tuning fork density meter strengths:

1. Application for high precision density measuring, mainly used in power plant.

2. Can not be affected by temperature, pressure and flow rate, there are few factor that can affecting measuring accuracy.


Detailed imange of 4-20mA 4 Wire Piezoelectric Tuning Fork Density Meter



Portable oil liquid tuning fork density meter    Portable oil liquid tuning fork density meter

Features of 4-20mA 4 Wire Piezoelectric Tuning Fork Density Meter


1. Adopt Germany piezoelectric ceramic chip, with gold plated process to increase the oxidation resistance of ceramic chips,      also can longer service life of density meter.

2. Fork vibration original chip adopt Japanese made high performance original chips, Built-in 24 AD converter, frequency identifying accuracy to be 0.01HZ, to warranty 3.the sensitivity and precision of the meter.3.Fork density calibration adopts national density standard solution, to ensure the source and accurate of density.

3. The current circuit is independent of fork vibration circuit, there is isolating anti-interference inner, reducing the influence to instrument from disturb.

. There is set density three point quick calibration, range adjust, current calibration etc function, to meet on-site working demands.


Application of 4-20mA 4 Wire Piezoelectric Tuning Fork Density Meter


Used in the petrochemical industry, wine industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and mineral processing (such as clay, carbonate, silicate, etc.), specifically for interfacial detection in multi-product pipelines in the above industries, mixing density Detection, reactor end monitoring, analyzer interface detection.


Slection guide of 4-20mA 4 Wire Piezoelectric Tuning Fork Density Meter


1. What's your medium?

2. What's the medium temeprature?

3. What's mesurement range do you need?





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