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Long Term Stability Differential Pressure Gauge with Alarm Indicator

Long Term Stability Differential Pressure Gauge with Alarm Indicator

Alarm Differential Pressure Indicator

30Pa Digital Differential Pressure Gauge

Vacuum Hydraulic Differential Pressure Gauge

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Product Details
Digital Differential Pressure Gauge Alarm Indicator Counter
Cast Aluminum Housing Or ABS Shell
2% FS
Process Port:
1/8 "NPT
In Vertical
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5-8 work days
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Digital Differential Pressure Gauge Alarm Indicator Counter




The 2000 series differential pressure gauge offers a versatile range of options for precise pressure measurements, catering to a wide array of applications. With its minimum scale starting at 0-30Pa and reaching up to a maximum span of 0-30KPa, this instrument can cater to both low and high-pressure environments with great precision. Moreover, users are presented with an impressive selection of 88 different ranges, along with the flexibility to choose between metric or imperial units, ensuring compatibility with various international standards and user preferences.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, this gauge utilizes frictionless magnetic components, which allow for rapid and accurate measurement of micro-pressure levels in air or non-corrosive gases. The device is designed to detect pressures that are positive, negative (indicating vacuum levels), or differential – offering a comprehensive solution for diverse scenarios. A standout feature of this design is the elimination of common issues such as wear, hysteresis, and clearance that often affect the performance and accuracy of standard pressure gauges. Additionally, it is not subject to problems associated with filling, vaporization, or freezing, making it highly reliable across varying conditions.

The robust construction of this differential pressure gauge includes anti-vibration and anti-shake properties, allowing it to maintain high precision even in environments where stability is challenging. It also boasts a high overpressure capability, ensuring that it can handle brief instances of pressure beyond its normal operational limits without damage. Furthermore, the design incorporates impact, shock, and overload protection to safeguard the instrument against accidental damage, extending its lifespan and reliability in demanding field applications.

Overall, the 2000 series differential pressure gauge represents a significant advancement in pressure monitoring technology, providing users with unparalleled accuracy and dependability across a broad spectrum of pressure ranges and environmental conditions. Its intelligent design and multiple protective features make it an ideal choice for industries requiring high-performance pressure measurements, from HVAC systems to industrial process control and more.




Medium: non-combustible, non-corrosive air, not sensitive to moisture, dust, condensation and oil

Working Temp. : D5:-10~50°C, D5P/G/T:-20~70°C

Medium Temp.: 0~60°C

Temp. Compensation: 0~50°C

Display: 4 bits LCD, with engineering unit, with backlight (except D5)

Output: 0-10V / 4-20mA(3 wires)

Digital Output: RS485/Modbus (9600-n-8-1)

Relay Output: 2×SPST,1A/30VDC, or 1x Buzzer

Accuracy up to: ±1.0% FS, see accuracy table

Long term stability: ±0.5%FS /Year
Thermal effect: <0.05%FS/°C(zero), <0.08%FS/°C(FS)

Battery type(D5):
Power: AA battery X4, recommend LR6 alkaline

Power type: 15~28VDC/AC

Long term stability: ±0.5%FS /Year

Thermal effect: <0.05%FS/℃(zero), <0.08%FS/ ℃(FS)
Keys: 3 touch buttons
Protection: IP65
Weight: 220g(battery type incl. batteries), 180g(power type)

Materials: ABS
Accessory: A-S0 is standard. It can be used for surface or panel mount. See details in Accessories.





Wide range choices available to suit your needs
No any fluid to evaporate, freeze or cause toxic and leveling problems
Simple, frictionless movement, it quickly indicates low air or non-corrosive gas pressures-either positive, negative or differential
The design resists shock, vibration and over-pressures
Optional mirrored scale overlay eliminates parallax reading error
It's inexpensive and high accuracy-guaranteed within 2% of full scale
Optional corrosion resistant brushed 304 stainless steel bezel



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