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Piston Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Tester For Water Calibrator

Piston Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Tester For Water Calibrator

Piston Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Tester

Water Deadweight Pressure Calibrator

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DK series

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Product Details
Hydraulic Dead Weight Tester
Pressure Range:
Calibration Pressure Transmitter Or Gauge
0.050.02%FS, 0.02%FS
Tester Type:
Hydraulic Pressure Type
25# Transformer Oil Or Mixer Of Transformer Oil And Kerosene Oil
Piston System, Base, Weights And Others
Stainless Steel Base And Weight
24 Months
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 piece
USD5200.0-USD8300.0 PER PIECE
Packaging Details
Standard carton box
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
80 Piece/Pieces per Week Hydraulic dead weight tester
Product Description

Description of Hydraulic dead weight tester

DK dead weight tester is designed on the base of YS piston dead weight tester and KY Deadweight Tester, with structural optimization, super wear-resistant and perfect reliability. The highest process of DK piston dead weight tester is 0.005%; The max pressure range is 160MPa. DK dead weight tester adopt modular structure, a platform can be installed in different piston systems, achieve economic and practical purposes.


Detailed Images of Hydraulic dead weight tester


Piston Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Tester For Water Calibrator 0

Piston Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Tester For Water Calibrator 1

Piston Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Tester For Water Calibrator 2Piston Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Tester For Water Calibrator 3

Piston Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Tester For Water Calibrator 4

Specification of Hydraulic dead weight tester


Item Hydraulic dead weight tester
Pressure range 0-160MPa
Accuracy 0.05, 0.02
Piston System Material Tungsten carbide (hardness102)
Displacement indications Scale indication (lighting instructions optional)
Thread Size M20×1.5 or other type
Pressurization System Small-diameter pressurized screw, need replace the seals, but longer life
Base material Cast iron base


Pressure optional of Hydraulic dead weight tester
DKHH uncertainty:0.005%rdg(Medium: sebacic acid ester)
DKHH0025 (0.1—2.5)MPa
DKHH0006 (0.04—0.6)MPa
DKHH0060 (0.1—6)MPa
DKHH0600 (1—60)MPa
DKLP0100 (1—100)MPa
DKHH uncertainty:0.02%rdg (Medium: sebacic acid ester )
DKHH2025 (0.1—2.5)MPa
DKHH2006 (0.04—0.6)MPa
DKHH2060 (0.1—6)MPa
DKHH2600 (1—60)MPa
DKHH2100 (1—100)MPa
DKHH uncertainty:0.05%rdg (Medium: sebacic acid ester)  
DKHH5025 (0.1—2.5)MPa
DKHH5006 (0.04—0.6)MPa
DKHH5060 (0.1—6)MPa
DKHH5600 (1—60)MPa
DKHH5100 (1—100)MPa
DKHH uncertainty:0.02%rdg (Medium:distilled water)  
DKHH2025W (0.1—2.5)MPa
DKHH2006W (0.04—0.6)MPa
DKHH2060W (0.1—6)MPa
DKHH2600W (1—60)MPa
DKHH uncertainty:0.05%rdg (Medium:distilled water)
DKHH5025W (0.1—2.5)MPa
DKHH5006W (0.04—0.6)MPa
DKHH5060W (0.1—6)MPa
DKHH5600W (1—60)MPa


Feature of piston hydraulic dead weight tester

1. High accuracy.
2. Professional manufacturer
3. Max pressure up to 300mpa
4. Fast delivery.
5. Factory price


Installation of piston hydraulic dead weight tester

1.Piston pressure handwheel fixed by 2 pcs hexagonal screws, to delivery convenient client can install it when receive the product.
2.Piston foot has been installed, it can directly put on the table.

Operation steps:
1.Leveling: adjust the piston feet, let the level bubble to the center position.
2.Refueling: Open oil cup cover (see illustration 7), refueling.
3.Fitted pressure gauge: install pressure gauge or other instrument on the joint 3 or joint 1.
4.Place weight: place weights on 2 position.
5.Open the pressure relief valve 5, rotate Pressurized cylinder
4. to the outermost end.
6.Close the pressure relief valve.
7.Add Pressure: with Pre pressurization system 6, gently press a few times, feeling slightly resistance is ok.
8.Using pressure lever 4 to the piston system rises, rising to the piston system (after rising need rotary piston system, so that the piston system always keeps spinning).
9.Below Piston system 2 has aluminum ruler, the equilibrium position is between upline and downline.


Maintenance of piston hydraulic dead weight tester

1.The piston DWT is free maintenance product, can replace the matched seal ring when with breakdown and leakage.
2.The medium must be clean.
3.If the piston rotation time is shortened, can clean the piston system and clear impurities.
4.The piston structure is very simple, but very durable, can remove with common use tools.




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