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Stainless Steel Hydraulic Electric Contact Manometer Medical Oxygen Pressure Gauge

Product Name: Hydraulic Electrical Contact Oil Pressure Gauge

Material: Plastic And Stainless Steel

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2.5% Hydraulic Digital Oil Pressure Gauge Electrical Contact

Pressure Range: -100KPa---260MPa

Accuracy: 2.5%

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Well Inline Water Pump Digital Pressure Gauge Switch Controller 12bar

Max. Voltage: 240V

Max. Working Pressure: 100MPA

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Industrial Vacuum Digital Pressure Gauge High Precision 600bar

Accuarcy: 0.25%FS, 0.5%FS, 1%FS

Pressure Connection: 1/4NPT, G1/4, 1/2NPT, G1/2, M20*1.5

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LCD Display Digital Vacuum Meter Gauge Refrigeration Tool Set

Pressure Range: 0-15000 Microns (0-2000pa)

Temperature: -40°C-45°C

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60Mpa SS304 Case Differential Pressure Gauge For Bourdon Tube

Casing: Steel, Plastic, Black Stainless Steel

Connecting Thread: 1/4",3/8",1/2",PT,NPT

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316SS Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter LED Display Inner Thread

Material: 316SS

Range: 0~20Kpa…..35Kpa...~2MPa

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600bar SS304 Digital Pressure Gauge Single Chip Control Smart Water Appliance

Name: Smart Water Precision Appliance 0 600 Bar Pressure Gauge Digital

Shell Material: SS304

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LPG Vertical Digital Gas Air Pressure Manometer For Compressor

Name: Lpg Gas Digital Air Manometer Pressure Gauge For Compressor

Shell Material: SS

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M195 PC Hart Communication Modem Android Hart Modem

Model: M195

Output Voltage: Voltage 21.6V,Max Current 45mA

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0.02 accuracy Oil Digital Pressure Gauge 100mm Cast aluminum

Model Number: YK-120B

Pressure Range: -100Mpa~260Mpa(optional)

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LED display IP65 Digital Vacuum Pressure Switch For Oil Water Air Gas 60 Mpa

Model Number: YYPS-1

Stability: ≤ 0.2% / Year

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OEM Vacuum Micron Meter Digital Pressure Gauge 1000Pa

Name: 0.1Pa~1000Pa Vacuum Micron Meter Digital Micron Gauge

Unit:: Pa, MBar. MmHg. Torr, MTorr. Microns

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0.1 Micron Industrial Vacuum Digital Micron Gauge

Name: Industrial Vacuum Micron Meter Digital Micron Gauge Manometer

Temperature: -40C-45C

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