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hydrogen Gas Flow Meter MF5000 Series LCD Display

Flow Range: 0.15~15, 0.5~50, 1.2~120, 3~300, 8~800 SLPM

DN: 3, 6, 8, 12, 19 Mm

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MF5700 Series Portable Gas Flow Meter , RS485 Handheld Flow Meter

Flow Range: 0~10,25, 200 SLPM

Accuracy: ±(20.+0.5FS)%

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MF5806 Medical Gas Flow Meter , MEMS Oxygen Flow Meter

Name: MEMS Mass Flow Meter MF5806 Series


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FS6122 Ventilator Gas Flow Measurement Devices

Flow Range: -250~+250SLPM

Accuracy: ±(2.5+0.5FS)

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DN6.0 1.5%FS Oxygen Flowmeter With Humidifier Bottle RS485 Password Protected Access

Medical Oxygen Flow Meter With Humidifier Portable: Medical Oxygen Gas Flow Meter Flow Meter With Humidifier Portable RS485 DN6.0

Accuracy: 1.5%

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Highly Sensitive 250SLPM FS6122 Gas Consumption Meter

Model: FS6122

Flow Range: - 250 ~ +250SLPM

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FS1015CL Low Pressure Loss 150 SLPM Medical Oxygen Flow Meter

Model: FS1015CL

Flow Range: 0 ~ 100; 0 ~ 150

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4-20mA Nitrogen Laboratory Inline Natural Gas Flow Meter Highly sensitive

Product Name: 4 ~ 20 MA RS485 Pulse Nitrogen Gas Flow Meter Llabtory Inline Along

Accuracy: ±(1.5+0.5FS)%

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Portable LCD Display Gas Flow Meter RS485 Optional RS485 Optional

Name: Oxygen Gas Flow Meter

Range: 0-10,0-25L/Min, 0-200L/min

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RS485 2%FS Digital Gas Flow Meter With Warning Function

Product Name: Co2 Gas Flow Meter Mass Air Flow Meter

Medium: Compressed Air Oxygen Nitroge

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Industrial MF5600 Air Flow Meter With Digital Display

Item: MF5600 Mini Argon Mass Flow Meter For Co2 Gas Flow Meter Air

Model: MF5612/MF5619

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Laboratory MF5600 Stainless Steel Digital Flow Meter

Name: Inline Analog Argon Co2 Natural Gas Flow Meter Digital Tester Price For Laboratory

Pipe Size: 12 And 19mm

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MF5700 ABS Nitrogen Gas Flow Meter Low Power Consumption

Item: MF5700 Portable Nitrogen Air O2 Laboratory Mass Gas Flow Meter

Material: ABS

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RS485 Gas Flow Meter , Rotatable Meter Digital CO2 Flow Meter

Name: Portable Argon Co2 Digital Mass Air Gas Flow Meter

Accuracy: ±(2.0+0.5 F.S)

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Mini Range Alarm Digital Argon Flow Meter With LCD Display

Name: Mf5700 Mini Mass Digital Argon Co2 Hydrogen Natural Gas Flow Meter

Pipe Size: 6 And 12mm

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