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MF5600 Detachable Display Gas Mass Flow Meter Hospital Micro Nitrogen Oxygen System

Item: MF5600 Detachable Display Hospital Micro Oxygen System Gas Mass Flow Meter Air Nitrogen Oxygen Medical Flowmeter

Accuracy: ±1%

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Industry Split Digital Flow Meter Food Grade Electromagnetic Water Flowmeter 150mm

Name: Industry Split Food Grade Electromagnetic Water Flowmeter 150mm Digital Flow Meter

DN Size: 10mm To 600mm

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MF5700 Portable Digital Flow Meter For Air Mass 200L/m

Measuring Range: (0~10L/min,0~25L/min (DN6) 0~200L/min(DN12)

Accuracy: ± (2+0.5FS)%

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Portable Digital Mass Flow Meter Thread Connection Type For Air Gas

Measuring Range: 0.2~200L/min,0.2~300L/min(DN12) 0.8~600L/min,0.8~800L/min(DN19)

Accuracy: ± (1.5+0.2FS)%

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MF4000 MEMS Portable Thermal Gas Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor

Flowrate Range: 0 ~ 2, 3, 4, 5 0 ~ 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 SLPM

Accuracy: ± (1.5+0.2FS)%

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Liquid Gas Smart Temperature pressure Transmitter Sensor Wide Voltage Power RS485

Name: Temperature Transmitter Sensor

Measuring Media: Liquid, Gas

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Accuracy 0.1 TUF-2000H Handheld Flow Meter LCD Screen Battery Power

Model: TUF2000H

Flow Rate Range: ± 32m / S

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Portable Water Ultrasonic Digital Flow Meter LCD Display With Mini Printer

Mode;: TUF2000P

Dosplay: 2 Line X 20 Character LCD With Backlight

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RS485 25L/Min Portable Digital Gas Air Flow Meter MF5700

Model: MF5700

Measuring Range: 0-10, 0-25L/Min, 0-200L/min

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Embedded Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter 15m LCD display

Model: YD322F

Accuracy: 5%

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MF5600 1Mpa Air Gas Digital Flow Meter For Hospital Oxygen System

Name: MF5600 Digital Mass Air Gas Oxygen Flow Meter Sensor For Hospital Oxygen System

Accuracy: ± (1.5+0.2FS)%

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12mm Nitrogen Air Gas Digital Flow Meter 1/2npt Thread 200L/Min

Name: Nitrogen Air Gas Digital Mass Water Flow Meter Sensor

Flow Range: 0-10, 0-25, 0-200L/m

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Intelligent Digital Water Liquid Magnetic Flowmeter DN6 4.0MPa

Name: Liquid Magnetic Flowmeter Water Digital Magnetic Flow Meter

Nominal Diameter: DN6-DN2000

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LCD Display Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter RS232 DC12V

Display Resolution: Based On Input Signal

Display: LCD

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OCT RS232 Digital Flow Meter LCD Display Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Name: Digital Clamp On Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter

M Type Sensor: 50~700mm

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Hydraulic Portable Pressure Calibrator Complex Operation

Name: Handheld Portable Pressure Calibrator With Digital Pressure Gauge

Pressure Range: (-0.09 ~ 1;0~60) MPa;

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