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1/8" Micro Differential Pressure Gauge For Air Compressor

1/8" Micro Differential Pressure Gauge For Air Compressor

Micro Differential Pressure Manometer

1/8" Air Compressor Differential Pressure Gage

Differential Micro Transmission Pressure Gauge

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Product Details
Pressure Range:
Measuring Instruments
Temperature Range:
20- 140 °F(-6.67 To 60°C)
4" (100mm)
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 PC
Packaging Details
Micro air compressor differential pressure gauge Unit:35*15*14cm1.7kg One box45*35*35cm :6 pieces 11.5kg
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
1000 Unit/Units per Week differential pressure gauge
Product Description

T2000 Differential Pressure Gage


1/8" Micro Differential Pressure Gauge For Air Compressor 0


 Applications & Features T2000 Differential Pressure Gage

  • It can measure fan and blower pressures, filter resistance, air velocity, furnace draft, pressure drop across orifice plates, liquid levels with bubbler systems and pressures in fluid amplifier or fluidic systems. It also checks gas-air ratio controls and automatic valves, and monitors blood and respiratory pressures in medical care equipment
  • Wide range choices available to suit your needs

l Simple, frictionless movement, it quickly indicates low air or non-corrosive gas pressures-either positive, negative or differential

l The design resists shock, vibration and over-pressures

l No any fluid to evaporate, freeze or cause toxic and leveling problems

l It's inexpensive and high accuracy-guaranteed within 2% of full scale

l Optional mirrored scale overlay eliminates parallax reading error

l Optional corrosion resistant brushed 304 stainless steel bezel


Specifications T2000 Differential Pressure Gage

Service: Air and non-combustible compatible gases

Housing: Die cast aluminum case and bezel, with acrylic cover, exterior finish is coated gray

Accuracy: ±2% of full scale@70°F (21.1°C)

( ±3% on 125Pa, ±4% on 60Pa)

Pressure Limits: -70 to 100 KPa

Size: 4" diameter dial face

Temperature Limits: 20 to 140°F (-6.67 to 60°C) Mounting Orientation: Diaphragm in vertical position Connections: 1/8" NPT (F) high and low pressure taps, duplicated, one pair side and one pair back

Weight: 500g

Standard accessories: Two 1/8"NPT plugs for duplicate pre ssure taps, two1/8" pipe threads to rubber tubing adapters and three flush mounting adapters with 3 screws

Mounting method: Can be flush or surface mounted and

pressure connected with standard accessories

Accessories: see details on page 37




Model Number Range Pa Model Number Range In wc
T2000-60PA 0-60 T2000-00 0-.25
T2000-125PA 0-125 T2000-0 0-.50
T2000-250PA 0-250 T2001 0-1.0
T2000-500PA 0-500 T2002 0-2.0
T2000-750PA 0-750 T2003 0-3.0
Zero Center Ranges T2004 0-4.0
T2300-120PA 60-0-60 T2005 0-5.0
T2300-250PA 125-0-125 T2006 0-6.0
T2300-500PA 250-0-250 T2008 0-8.0
Model Number Range kPa T2010 0-10
T2000-1KPA 0-1 T2015 0-15
T2000-1.5KPA 0-1.5 T2020 0-20
T2000-2KPA 0-2 T2025 0-25
T2000-3KPA 0-3 T2030 0-30
T2000-4KPA 0-4 T2040 0-40
T2000-5KPA 0-5 Zero Center Ranges
T2000-8KPA 0-8 T2300-0 .25-0-.25
T2000-10KPA 0-10 T2301 .5-0-.5
    T2302 1-0-1
Zero Center Ranges T2304 2-0-2
T2300-1KPA .5-0-.5 T2310 5-0-5
T2300-3KPA 1.5-0-1.5 T2320 10-0-10
    T2330 15-0-15
Model Number Range MM wc Model Number Range CM wc
T2000-6MM 0-6 T2000-15CM 0-15
T2000-25MM 0-25 T2000-20CM 0-20
T2000-50MM 0-50 T2000-25CM 0-25
T2000-80MM 0-80 T2000-50CM 0-50
T2000-100MM 0-100 T2000-80CM 0-80
    T2000-100CM 0-100







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