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JY Series Dead Weight Tester Digital Piston Pressure Gauge Calibration

JY Series Dead Weight Tester Digital Piston Pressure Gauge Calibration

Digital Piston Pressure Gauge

Piston Pressure Deadweight Tester

Dead Weight Gauge Calibration

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JY series dead weight tester

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1-100Â Mpa
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JY Series Digital Piston Pressure Gauge Dead Weight Tester Pressure Calibration pump piston Deadweight tester


Description of JY series dead weight tester

JY series Pressure Calibration pump piston Deadweight tester is our new R & D product manufactured according to the latest national "piston gauge" test procedures (JJG59-2007). The key components of piston gauge uses a tungsten carbide material with a high hardness and low temperature coefficient of linear expansion, which improving the wear resistance of the piston,therefore only a little (negligible )deformation under the pressure, performance is extremely stable. Working medium with a piston isooctyl sebacate, so pressure gauge with high sensitivity.
As a result of new materials, new technologies, new processes,the technical indicators of new piston gauge has been greatly improved. Thus widely used to test digital pressure gauge, precision pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure sensors and other pressure instruments.


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JY Series Dead Weight Tester Digital Piston Pressure Gauge Calibration 0JY Series Dead Weight Tester Digital Piston Pressure Gauge Calibration 1



Model NO JY Series
Standard Pressure Range 0.04 ~ 0.6Mpa, 0.1 ~ 6Mpa, 0.5 ~ 25Mpa
1 ~ 60Mpa, 2 ~ 100Mpa, 2 ~ 160Mpa
Measurement Range 0.04 ~ 0.6Mpa, 0.1 ~ 6Mpa
5 ~ 25Mpa, 1 ~ 60Mpa
Accuracy Class 0.01(±0.01%), Class 0.02(±0.02%)
Class 0.05(±0.05%)
Medium Transformer Oil or Transformer Oil Mixed With Kerosene



1. The piston and cylinder are made of high strength, high stiffness, and low temperature coefficient of linear expansion of the carbide grinding tungsten carbide material , with a wide range of ambient temperature , stable performance 20 ± 5 ℃.
2. The load center of gravity low, weight by Cradle applied directly to the piston, the piston smooth operation, the pressure fluctuation is extremely small, accurate indication.
3. When pressure more than 25MPa ,the medium uses a small viscosity isooctyl sebacate, thus ensuring a very high sensitivity.
4. The weights used are all non-magnetic stainless steel material.
5.The piston displacement sensor used to monitor the working position, the piston up and down stroke of ± 1.5mm, instrument display is sensitive, smart, and accurate.
6. Wide range, at the lower 1MPa, the basic error of ± 0.02% or ± 0.05%, a JY100 type manometer, capable of reaching the upper limit of the current domestic 6,60,100MPa three measuring manometer.
7. pressure regulator easy , even at 250MPa pressure could ease.



The pistons and piston cylinder is made of the carbide tungsten carbide materials which has high strength, high hardness, and low temperature , so,it has wide working temperature and stable performance of 20 + / - 5 ℃.
Random error ±0.02% or ±0.05%
The weight of the pressure gauge is made of stainless steel
The piston top and bottom moves ±1.5mm
The piston runs smoothly, the pressure fluctuation is minimal and the value is accurate.
Applications of Digital Piston pump pressure Dead Weight Tester:
Piston gauges are used to calibrate customer piston gauges and pressure sensing devices


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